Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shows Recently Seen

The class load that I've been carrying this semester has held me back from visiting galleries - or so it seems, since I have managed to get out and see rather significant exhibitions.

The week before last, I took two classes to the Bauhaus exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art. For all the criticism that it has received, I was impressed with the nature of the display. Beginning in the first room, it was evident that European artists were still grappling with their Catholic-Christian past despite the tragic results of World War I and the further separation of church and state. My favorite part of the exhibition was a collection of stained glass studies that Josef Albers made, using small glass squares in different colors. His piece titled "Park," both asked and suggested that small planes of color, arranged next to one another, could substitute for figurative representation; in this case, the numerous elements seen throughout a park.

Prior to that, I ventured up to the Guggenheim to see the Kandinsky retrospective. It was sweeping and provided a good preface to the Bauhaus. His early paintings were figural, reminiscent of the Jungendstil stained-glass effect. While walking up through the spiral, the figures dissolved into planes of color that eventually suggested the feeling of space - or the number of feelings that can be experienced in a single space at once. Some scholars choose to label that the transcendental, but I don't think it's that esoteric. Simply the ability to feel color.

I also stopped by the Tria Gallery to see Serena Bocchino's abstract flower paintings in an exhibition titled, "iPop." They're bright, moving and highly engaging while coupled with a small sculptural installation, extending the idea of painting away from the flat wall. "iPop," is a retinal relief to these otherwise challenging times and proves that art is like water - it finds a way and will show itself.

The panel talk that I gave with Blane de St. Croix at Black and White Project Space came off as a success. The entire event was documented rather extensively on Twitter.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Curating Online

I've been overwhelmed these days with teaching and writing, but it has been immensely enjoyable as well.

That said, I've had no time to issue regular installments of Facebook curations but do hope to return to them in the very near future. However from what I can glean, the online sphere is a perfect space for art viewing. The only problem is that one person risks getting lost in the crowd just like any other. So volume is the challenge.

The curatorial concept is evolving in an interesting way. On the one hand, Robert Gober has curated a show at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles and Jeff Koons has embarked on doing the same for the New Museum with a private collection. And yet Alex Williams' recent article for the New York Times titled "The Word 'Curate' No Longer Belongs to the Museum Crowd," shows how this once-exclusive practice has been deflated and commodified for other areas of the retail market.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Andy Warhol and Art & Text

I read two books over the weekend - both incredibly well-written. The first is The &-Files by Paul Foss, charting the development of the art magazine Art & Text as it continued to garner international interest while many of those close to the venture found themselves battling with the spread of HIV/AIDS.

The second book is Arthur Danto's new book titled Andy Warhol, revealing the artist as a historically relevant figure to the trajectory of contemporary art, all while simplifying his mythical, complicated personality.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Facebook Curatorial Week 11

Untitled (2009) by Sigrid Tanghe

Back Yard (2009) by Roy Herrick

(2009) by Pau Pogranizky

Untitled (2009) by Claire Corey

Monday, September 14, 2009

Facebook Curatorial Week 10

No. 1 (2008) by Mapi Gil

Moo, Said the Glass Menagerie (2006) by Renee Dahl

Untitled (2008) by Moishe Kampin

Untitled (2008) by Christopher Lee

Monday, September 7, 2009

Facebook Curatorial Week 9

= - av:al:al:a:nc:he - = (2009) by Ui Uuii

I Fucking Love You (2008) by Emil Yap

Demerara - Moth's Veil (1970-80) by Carl E. Hazelwood

Blinded by Abuse (2007) by Stefan Eins

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Facebook Curatorial Week 8

Small Drawing 2009 by Aaron Olshan

Out of the Blue, the Turn Around 2007 by Bill Radawec

Guns and Roses 2004 by Ilona Anderson

Untitled, Street Photography 2009 by Orville Robertson